Sellect is an eCommerce platform and content management system designed specifically for the fashion eCommerce market.


Customized Product Management

Easy product merchandising to ease your workflow and highly customizable product details.


Customer Order Center

Sellect was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of fashion eCommerce, and this functionality allows brands to track in realtime the status of all current orders, from order placement to payment to fulfillment and delivery, and if necessary to return and refund.


Real-Time Insight for Actionable Intelligence

The dashboard gives instant insight into each region of your online stores performance. Check at-a-glance customizable presets such as Bestsellers, Most Viewed, Top Spenders, New Customers, and many more.

Sellect, the platform for brand storytelling designed to engage and persuade.


Custom Brand Content Sections

Update your brand content easily with a simple to use drag and drop interface, and of course connect it to relevant shoppable items with ease.


Editorial Manager

Sellect's Editorial Manager allows you to add, configure, and manage pages easily, quickly, and at will. Versatile and scalable, Sellect users can create pages for eCommerce, branded content and social media, with the ability to use still images or videography at any size, and copy in their desired typeface and layout.


Video Upload & Format Conversion

Sellect manages the upload and display of video content assets and eliminates manual processes with integrated format conversion. Sellect automatically processes the video into different dimensions for all your needs. Sellect also offers a hybrid video player which utilizes Flash for better playback on desktop computers and will automatically switch to HTML5 on tablets and mobile devices.

Sellect captures and showcases the voices and experiences of brand advocates.


Integration with Primary Platforms

The Sellect platform allows you to integrate your brand with well-known social media platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + and YouTube.


Automated Social Content Moderation

Sellect imports all of your social content automatically. The platform also has a moderation tool built in so your social page does not have any duplicate content. You can publish all of your social content all at once, or go one by one on any imported social platforms. In addition, we have the filtering system built in so it's really easy for you to find the exact tweet you're looking for.

Hashtag shop

Connecting Social To Shop

Sellect lets you easily connect social content to product detail pages. The platform has a built-in hashtagged content aggregation tool for your digital marketing campaigns. Using a hashtag, manage the social content pieces that you wish to feature on your site, and drive sales by connecting those pieces to product detail pages.